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Hexacopters vs Quadcopters


Having discussed the different types of drones in a previous article, thought we'd just focus a bit more on the key differences of hexacopters versus quadcopters.

In terms of differences between the different types of multirotor UAVs and ignoring helicopters, let's start with 3 rotors, ie tri-copters.

Tri-copters are the most maneuverable of all multirotors but with a tail controlled by servos and they are more complicated in terms of programming the fight controllers.

Quadcopters are very stable. Hence you get lots of these types. Also they're easy to program and can be tweaked for racing. They are the most common UAV for us drone hobbyists.

Hexacopters and Octocopters (and multi-rotors with even more propellers) are generally heavy lifters, these are what you need to carry big payloads such as cameras and equipment. They are very stable as they have the benefit of being able to stay in the air even with one of the motors malfunctioning.

Compare the hexacopter's performance with a complete failure when an engine stops on a quadcopter.

So if you require more stability and carrying a heavier payload, a hexacopter is far superior to a quadcopter. Leave the tricks and racing to the quadcopters due to their superior agility though.

Agree with our assessment of hexacopters? Let us know if you have any other feedback on our 6-legged friends.​

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