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What are the best quadcopters to buy

What is the best quadcopter with camera to buy

We built a list of the best quadcopters to buy whether with a camera or as a beginner or pro!This list of quadcopters includes some of the best drones on the market in terms of cameras, price or function. The list below are some of my favourites in each category and hopefully you’ll find something […]

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How much does a quadcopter cost

quadcopter how much does it cost

Quadcopters are one of my favorite toys. The way they flip and speed through the air in graceful displays of ballet. Unfortunately I also crash them way too often. Since I keep breaking them and because I love trying out new models, I’ve listed here the expected pricing ranges of a new quadcopter based on […]

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Types of drones

Drone hexacopter

Drones are a very interesting aspect of science fiction meeting science fact! Drones buzzing around is the stuff of futuristic books and films, classics such as ´╗┐Back to the Future (Part 2), used in World War 2, the Vietnam War and pilotless balloons used by the Austrian army during an attack on Venice in 1849.As with […]

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The 9 best quadcopters for under $100

quadcopter under 100 header

Image source: FlickrDespite the low price point of this list of quadcopters, these drones still come with occassional cameras, extra batteries and decent flying times. They are the ultimate learning tool before you go down the route of more expensive flyers, but are still fun enough on a standalone basis.We review 9 of our favourite quadcopters for […]

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5 of the best quadcopters for under $200

Image source: FlickrQuadcopters can be a fantastic toy that provides exposure to the world of Remote Control (RC) without requiring the extensive training and licensing of RC airplanes or helicopters. Despite their low price point, quadcopters can come with numerous accessories including training protective rings for the rotors, stabilisers, cameras for both filming and first […]

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