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About Us

Welcome to Smashquad! The site that details all my favourite things about remote control.

If you enjoy flying or think you'd enjoy flying, but have no idea what to buy or it keeps crashing, then you've come to the right place to learn about it all. If the range of quadcopters, drones, hexacopters, UAVs, remote control aircraft, transmitters, batteries, and kits fills you with dread, then we'll try and resolve some of that fear here.

Here you’ll find a whole lot of information, tips and tricks, from the best starter drone, to the quadcopter for filming your wedding. If First Person Flying (FPV) and racing is your thing then we'll address that too, as well as building your own quadcopter from start to finish.

We hope to give you a better perspective on the options and range of products out there, as well as a lot around simulators, DIY and just general fun things to do with quadcopters. This site is run by people that are foremost enthusiasts!

Thanks for stopping by!